Mitchell’s 2010 Toyota HiLux Tourer

Mitchell’s 2010 Toyota HiLux Tourer

  • Model HiLux

  • Engine Type 3.0 D4D

  • Transmission Type 5-Speed Manual

  • Classification TourerI

When it came time to replace his old LN106 HiLux, Mitchell went straight for a – you guessed it – HiLux. This time around it’s a 2010 vintage Lux and the build brief is to create a ‘tough tourer’.

With that in mind, Mitchell’s mods have all been about increasing the Lux’s off-road ability and turning it into a comfortable home away from home.

353352834141923255-img_2456So far Mitchell has resisted a ‘power-up’ but he tells us that an upgraded turbo and injectors are on the ‘to-do’ list. In the meantime he’s been busy getting the Lux’s 3.0-litre turbo-diesel ready – with the addition of a snorkel, a HPD front-mount intercooler and a 3″ mild steel exhaust.

Touring range has been boosted by fitting a 120-litre long range fuel tank, which means 1,000kms between fill-ups is achievable.

At this stage the Lux’s drivetrain has been left factory stock, but plans are afoot and a pair of eLockers will soon be making an appearance.

353352834141923255-img_2459It’s underneath where Mitchell has been investing his time and money, with the Lux now sporting a 2″ body lift and a huge 4″ suspension lift – care of a Monster Rides Recon suspension kit and Sax rear leaf springs.

The big lift required a front diff drop to return the drive shafts to a range of motion that was closer to stock – Mitchell achieved this with the help of a Monster Rides diff drop kit.

Mitchel is currently running 285/75/16 Nitto Trail Grapplers on 16″ Gekko rims but we’re guessing there’s now room in the guards to go bigger should he ever wish to.

353352834141923255-img_2491Accessories of the 12-volt kind would appear to fry Mitchell’s burger (there’s a lot of ’em) and you can check out the extensive list of add-ons in the accessories table.

That canopy you can see in the pics is a custom made unit and it’s been setup to support a roof top tent. Inside there’s a custom set of drawers, a Waeco 65-litre fridge and a Space Case for tools and ‘stuff’. A 70-litre water tank is mounted under the tray and it’s hooked up to an electric pump to make life a little easier.

There’s even a marine grade stereo in the canopy, because cold beer goes well with good tunes.

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