Aaron’s 2006 Nissan GU Patrol TD42T Tourer

Aaron’s 2006 Nissan GU Patrol TD42T Tourer

  • Model GU Patrol Ute

  • Engine Type TD42T

  • Transmission Type 5-Speed Manual

  • Classification Tourer

Aaron’s on apprentice wages and admits his first three 4X4s were rubbish. He saved hard to buy this GU and it was “stock as a rock” when he parked it in his drive for the first time.

Aaron describes his financial situation as “broke” but you have to give him credit for saving his hard to come by pennies and locking down this GU Patrol.

He’s now getting stuck into the build – as time and money allow – and we suspect that his plans are going to be keeping him busy for a while yet.

352764418241190470 - 20160923_055248Aaron’s Patrol is powered by Nissan’s 4.2 turbo-diesel, which will run forever, but isn’t known for it’s scintillating performance. Unleashing a few more horses was high on the ‘to-do list’ and Aaron’s had the big six diesel-tuned “for maximum power”. His near-future plans include a new turbo and intercooler setup and then a re-tune to make the most of it.

The rest of the Patrol’s drivetrain is as it came from the factory, which isn’t a bad thing at all, they were mostly built right in the first place.

352764418241190470 - 20160801_173630Bar work currently consists of a steel bull bar and tray, but Aaron is in the process of building steel rock-sliders and brush bars which will be powdercoated white. He’s already lifted the tray by 1.5″ and has plans to increase that to a 3″ lift. A custom built cage is in the works and when fitted it will allow Aaron to store his gear up top, while still being able to use the tray.

Aaron’s budget currently runs to 31″ muddies, because “I’m poor and that’s all I had” but that won’t be the case forever. The rest of the Patrol is setup to run bigger rubber, with a 2″ suspension lift, a 2″ body lift and as previously mentioned, a 1.5″ tray lift.

352764418241190470 - edited_20161001_152818There’s plenty of lighting bolted to the Patrol, including a 22″ bull bar mounted LED light bar, a 50″ curved LED light bar mounted on the roof, and a set of 9″ Illuminator spotties. A dual battery system provides the juice.

Aaron’s plans include continuing to build his Patrol, and using it as a tourer and weekend fun car.

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