Brandon’s LS1 Powered 1996 LandCruiser Custom

Brandon’s LS1 Powered 1996 LandCruiser Custom

  • Model LandCruiser

  • Engine Type LS1 V8

  • Transmission Type 5-speed manual

  • Classification Custom

Brandon reckons you’ve “gotta love a 75 Series Cruiser”, especially one with a GM LS1 V8 stuffed between the shock towers!

Brandon’s 75 Series ute is big, green and super tough and we’re guessing quick off the mark as well.

Beneath the Cruisers expansive bonnet sits one of GM’s finest, the LS1 5.7-litre small-block petrol V8. Compact, powerful, economical, light-weight and super reliable, the LS series of engines have a reputation that precedes them.

352760153011935200 - image59In Brandon’s case, it transforms a plodding 75 Series into an off-road monster.

Brandon’s pretty much left the LS1 alone, adding a Mafless tune and a custom, stainless steel snorkel. The drivetrain is mostly factory standard and plenty tough enough to cope with the LS1, although Brandon has swapped over to a 79 Series coiler front diff.

352760153011935200 - image36The Cruisers barwork is all custom and built to deal with serious off-roading. There’s a steel winch bar up front, integrated brush bars down the full length of the Cruiser, sliders and a roll-over hoop behind the cab.

Brandon is currently running 35″ muddies on 16×8 Sunraysia steel rims. The front suspension consists of Amada Xtreme 11″ shocks with 5″ lifted King coils, while the rear features a ‘spring over’ conversion and runs 12″ Bilsteins.

352760153011935200 - image52Inside the Cruiser’s utilitarian interior is a custom dash and gauge setup, along with a custom centre console.

There aren’t a lot of accessories fitted, you don’t need 12 volt toys when you have an LS1 Cruiser, but there is a dual-battery setup to keep the volts flowing reliably.

352760153011935200 - image76Brandon calls the Cruiser “Mountain Goat” and we believe it!

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