Thomas’s Suzuki Sierra SJ70 Custom

Thomas’s Suzuki Sierra SJ70 Custom

  • Model Sierra SJ70

  • Engine Type GTI Swift G13B 1.3L EFI

  • Transmission Type 5-Speed Manual

  • Classification Custom

Thomas reckons the little Zooks are good things, and we agree. Small, light and nimble, they’ll go just about anywhere. More importantly, driving them puts a big smile on your face.

According to Thomas, it doesn’t take much to turn a Sierra into an almost unstoppable 4X4, “just some mud tyres and a lift”, but why stop there when you can do so much more!

And Thomas has done so much more.

352681919911209366 - IMG_0171Powering The Zook is a G13B 1.3-litre Swift GTI engine, running a Garret GT28 turbo on a custom manifold, a 2.5″ turbo back exhaust and a front-mount intercooler to keep the charge temps down.

An Adaptronic ECU keeps it all singing sweetly.

352681919911209366 - IMG_0218Thomas has had The Zook’s gearbox rebuilt and added a heavy duty Excedy clutch to deal with the uprated GTI power levels.

Underneath The Zook is a standard transfer case fitted with a set of 6.5:1 rock crawler gears, a rear disc brake conversion, a front disc brake upgrade, a pair of rebuilt diffs and extended brake lines.

352681919911209366 - IMG_0170The suspension has received a complete work-over, with a Rear Up Front (Google that one) set up installed, in addition to a 2″ OME suspension lift and extended shackles. The body has been lifted by 2 inches and Thomas is currently running 31″ muddies on 15″ Sunraysia steel rims.

Inside there’s a set of GTI Swift Recaro seats, custom flooring, door and wheel arch cards and a rear drawer system.

352681919911209366 - IMG_0237

The Zook boasts plenty of protection with an ARB bull bar, custom steel sliders and an internal roll cage…just in case.

As you can see, The Zook is a deadly serious bit of kit and it’s not difficult to understand why driving it has Thomas grinning from ear to ear.

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