Nigel’s 2012 Nissan Patrol Tourer

Nigel’s 2012 Nissan Patrol Tourer

  • Model GU Patrol

  • Engine Type 3.0 CRD

  • Transmission Type 4-Speed Auto

  • Classification Tourer

Nigel has a plan. He wants to visit Cape York in 2017 and cross it off his bucket list and this is the Patrol that is going to get him there.

This isn’t the first time we’ve come across one of Nigel’s rigs. It was only recently that we featured his heavily modified HiLux, aptly named Cujo. It’s fair to assume that Nigel knows his way around a 4X4.

348368700451751518 - 2015-04-19 15.55.30With Cujo set-up to handle the hardcore weekends away with the 4X4 Adventure Club crew, Nigel needed a more family friendly tourer, something tough enough to handle the local tracks and versatile enough to get his family to the Cape.

The GU Patrol fitted the bill and Nigel settled on this 2012 3.0 CRD version. He then set about turning it into a tourer built to tackle the Top End.

348368700451751518 - 20150425_092410The Patrol’s 3.0-litre turbo-diesel has been left stock for the most part, with a Safari snorkel and 3″ stainless exhaust being the only bolt ons.

Nigel knows that keeping any turbo-diesel alive means knowing what’s happening with boost and exhaust gas temps. To this end he’s fitted both a boost and EGT guage to the dash.

348368700451751518 - 20160315_194009A 2-inch lift is provided by 2-inch Flexi Coils in combination with a set of four Amada remote reservoir shocks. Nigel has chosen to run sensibly sized (for touring) 33-inch BFG muddies and factory 16×8 Patrol steel rims.

Up front there’s an ARB Deluxe bull bar, fitted with a T-Max 12,500lb electric winch. Powerful 4X4 supplied the rest of the bar work, including rock sliders, scrub bars and a rear bar with a jerry can holder and swing away wheel carriers.

348368700451751518 - 20150829_081524We reckon the Patrol is ready for the Cape trip, but Nigel’s still got the best part of a year up his sleeve. Odds are that he’ll continue this build right up until the day he hits the road to Northern Queensland!

If you want to see Nigel an one of his 4X4s in action, tune in to Channel 31 or Digital 44 and see what the 4X4 Adventure Club are getting up to in the second series of their show.

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