Mitsubishi Pajero Recalled For Takata Airbag Issues

Mitsubishi Pajero Recalled For Takata Airbag Issues

The seemingly never ending Takata airbag scandal continues, with Mitsubishi adding its Pajero 4X4 SUV to the list of vehicles being recalled.

The issue revolves around the Takata airbag’s inflator unit, which can rupture when the airbag is deployed. If the inflator unit ruptures there is a chance that metal fragments can be blasted out towards the vehicle’s occupants, resulting in injury and potentially death.

This particular recall covers 57,128 Australian Pajeros, from the NS through to the current NX models and involves only the driver’s airbag.

Mitsubishi has announced a number of recalls this year, encompassing 430,000 vehicles in total and including an earlier recall of selected Pajero models (not for the Takata airbag issue) and 57,000 Tritons fitted with Takata airbags.

Mitsubishi has confirmed that it will begin contacting Pajero owners affected by the latest recall, as soon as the parts to fix the issue become available. Owners wanting to know more can contact Mitsubishi on 1300 131 211.