Andy’s 1995 GQ Patrol Off-Roader

Andy’s 1995 GQ Patrol Off-Roader

  • Model GQ Patrol

  • Engine Type 4.2 TD

  • Transmission Type 5-Speed Manual

  • Classification Off-Roader

For Andy, the GQ Patrol is like a good dog. It’s friendly, tough, you know you can trust it and there aren’t very many wires.

When it comes to tough, simple and reliable off-roaders, the GQ Patrol has earned itself legend status and for Andy, that’s a big part of its appeal.

347886028071488658 - IMG_2495He likes the GQ’s honest simplicity and the fact that he can spend all day kicking it around the bush and regardless of what he puts it through, it always gets him home.

The big work on this particular GQ is hidden under the bonnet. The old faithful 4.2 diesel has undergone a full custom engineered re-build, from the sump up. It will now run 20psi of boost all day and produces a lazy 600Nm of torque.

347886028071488658 - IMG_2602Andy’s also pushed the GQ’s ride height up a smidge, with a 2″ suspension lift that uses a combination of Lovell’s heavy duty coils and Ironman 4X4 shocks.

A TJM steel winch bar resides at the business end of the GQ and it’s hooked into brush bars running down the sides of both front guards. An electric winch is fitted, just in case…

347886028071488658 - 11999818_10153688752403833_3641893532067579491_oAndy runs the GQ as a dedicated off-roader and camping wagon and currently has it fitted with 33″ BF Goodrich KM2 muddies on steel rims.

If you want to see Andy’s GQ torquing up High Country mountain tracks, tune in to Channel 31 or Digital 44 and see what the 4X4 Adventure Club are getting up to in the second series of their show.

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