Darrell’s Toyota LandCruiser 100 Series Off-Roader

Darrell’s Toyota LandCruiser 100 Series Off-Roader

  • Model LandCruiser 100 Series

  • Engine Type FZJ 105 4.5-litre

  • Transmission Type 4-Speed Auto

  • Classification Off-Roader

Darrell stumbled across his 100 Series Cruiser while trolling the car yards for something else altogether. It was stock as a rock and the price was right, so he took it home!

Fast forward a couple of years and Darrell reckons he made the right decision, as the Cruiser has proven to be a comfortable and reliable way of getting around.

348013631712639140 - IMG_0397For Darrell that means not only doing daily driver duty, but keeping up with the rest of the 4X4 Adventure Club crew as they hit the High Country trails on the weekends. If you’ve watched their show, you’ll know that’s not necessarily an easy undertaking.

Darrell’s confidence in the Cruiser’s ability is reflected in his choice of modifications. It’s powered by the big, reliable and thirsty 4.5-litre FZJ 102 six cylinder, but Darrell’s running LPG vapour injection to keep a lid on the running costs.

348013631712639140 - DSCN2438Darrell did his research and settled on a 2″ suspension lift using King springs and Lovell’s shocks that flexes nicely. Traction is further enhanced with the fitment of ARB air lockers to  both the front and rear diffs. A set of Terrain Tamer CVs are fitted to better deal with the added bite the front locker provides.

When Darrell hits the trails he bolts on a set of 33″ off-road tyres and puts his faith in his own custom made rock sliders.

348013631712639140 - 11741198_1027738817243940_6099900748198958842_oReturning to the daily grind is a simple as changing back to the stock rims and tyres.

If you want to see Darrell driving his thoughtfully modded 100 Series on some of Australia’s most iconic tracks, tune in to Channel 31 or Digital 44 and see what the 4X4 Adventure Club are getting up to in the second series of their show.

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