Nigel’s 1981 Toyota HiLux Custom Off-Roader

Nigel’s 1981 Toyota HiLux Custom Off-Roader

  • Model HiLux

  • Engine Type 3.8 buick V6

  • Transmission Type 4-Speed Auto

  • Classification Custom

Bought from a mate to save it from that one last trip to the tip, Nigel saw potential where others saw junk. The result is a super capable, fully-engineered, custom HiLux off-roader called Cujo.

Nigel likes his Luxes. In fact he’s owned them for over 25 years, with an old 1980 HiLux being his very first. So you can image that watching a HiLux he’d owned with a mate, being carted off to the tip, just wasn’t on.

347938074451252625 - 20160515_130759Nigel rescued it, knowing it could be revived for a second innings. He sandblasted the shell, cut out all of the rust in the floors, straightened the dodgy panels and covered it all in a few coats of 2 pak.

Then he started customising.

347938074451252625 - 20151010_154225Nigel confesses to enjoying going to extremes, whether it’s picking the hard line on a tough track, or building a custom Lux and that’s exactly what he did.

Cujo is powered by a 3.8-litre Buick V6, mated to a four-speed T700 auto from a Commodore. A custom 3″ snorkel provides the cool air.

347940287451964135 - 20150327_172054The bulletproof drivertain includes a pair of GQ Patrol diffs, the rear utilising the Patrol disc brakes. The front end is a custom-built 3 link setup with a Panhard rod. The rear is custom 4 link arrangement, all designed and built with flex in mind.

The HiLux leaf springs are long gone, replaced by 3″ lifted coil suspension and extra long travel shocks. A further 3 inches of clearance is gained via a body lift, which allows Nigel to run 36″ Simexes off-road.

347938074451252625 - 20151121_161121

The rejuvenated body work is protected by a custom front bar, rock sliders and scrub bars that tie in nicely with the one-off rear tray arrangement.

You only need to check the pics to know that Cujo is a beast when he’s let off the chain.

347938074451252625 - FB_IMG_1469668083721If you want to see Nigel and Cujo in action, tune in to Channel 31 or Digital 44 and see what the 4X4 Adventure Club are getting up to in the second series of their show.

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