David’s 1988 LandCruiser Troop Carrier Off-Roader

David’s 1988 LandCruiser Troop Carrier Off-Roader

  • Model Toyota

  • Engine Type 2H 4-litre

  • Transmission Type 5-Speed Manual

  • Classification Off-Roader

David reckons it’s rough around the edges and usually quite uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his Troopy.

You see, David would happily trade a bit of comfort for the versatility, space and bulletproof reliability that the Troopy offers, and let’s not forget that it’s big enough to sleep in.

347823297642994387 - IMG_20160729_161237And that’s a big plus in David’s book, because he’s a self confessed ‘take it easy’ camper.

None of that setting up and packing up of swags and tents nonsense is acceptable. When David makes camp, it has to be as simple as, chair, drink and sit. Watching your mates roll out swags and set up tents is the evening’s entertainment.

347823297642994387 - IMG_20160815_185121David’s Troopy is a work-in-progress and is currently stripped out ready to be fitted with an ex Britz Camper interior. Aside from that, the mods have been kept to a minimum.

The 2H diesel has been rebuilt with lower compression pistons and introduced to some boost, courtesy of a DTS Turbo and LPG injection, while a Safari snorkel keeps the water out.

347823297642994387 - 8 4x4 Adventure Big River S2 - E8 (6).Movie_SnapshotFor now, David has elected to leave the rest of the drive-train as it came from the factory.

There’s a TJM Fleet bar up front and a 2″ suspension lift for that bit of added clearance. Wheels are 15″ Sunraysias running Mickey Thompson MTZs.

347823297642994387 - IMG_20160805_165009Inside the cab, the Troopy remains mostly stock, but there is a Roof Lip Console and according to David, “more on the way”.

If you want to see David and his “take it easy” Cruiser in action, tune in to Channel 31 or Digital 44 and see what the 4X4 Adventure Club are getting up to in the second series of their show.

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