Darren’s 1988 Range Rover 350 Vortec Chev Custom

Darren’s 1988 Range Rover 350 Vortec Chev Custom

  • Model Range Rover

  • Engine Type 350 Vortec Chev

  • Transmission Type 4-speed auto

  • Classification Custom

Darren’s previous Rangie was a supercharged 4.4 that would pull 13.8 down the quarter mile on 35s. You kinda know his latest one is going to be a bit nuts…

Darren bought this Rangie with the Chev V8 already installed, and has since set about the methodical customisation of every aspect of the vehicle. He’s built it to suit his needs, and to handle the type of driving he most enjoys, in his words, “hard off-roading”.

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Originally fitted with a dual-fuel setup, Darren had issues getting the Chev to run right, so it was out with the dual-fuel arrangement and in with the Tuned Port Injection found on Corvettes.

Problem solved.

The Chev with its Corvette injection system, 10:1 compression and a custom tune, was now making 245kW and 550Nm AT THE WHEELS.

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Unfortunately, it had also developed a taste for the standard Rover ZF HP22 auto transmission, which it killed easily and frequently.

The solution (so far) has been to have a ZF HP22 custom-built by Ashcroft Engineering in the UK. The custom auto features 500hp rated HP24 internals and appears to be holding up well, to the punishment dished out by the Chev and Darren’s right foot.

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The rest of the drivetrain has been seriously modded to ensure reliability out on the tracks. Both diffs have been custom built, with Toyota internals and ARB lockers, by Victoria Differentials.

Outcast Off-road supplied custom 30/30 spline axles, Longfield CVs as well as beefed up drive flanges and prop shafts, all of which allows Darren to run 35″ Simex Centipede ‘play tyres’ on 16″ rims.

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Setup for clearance and articulation, the front suspension is running 2″ taller Dobinson springs and Koni shocks. The custom rear suspension features 4″+ Boss 12 way adjustable shocks and cranked trailing arms. Darren has also slotted in a 2.5″ body lift, ensuring those 35s don’t foul the inner guards.

Bar work consists of a custom front bar and F.A.T. Racing custom sliders with tree bars. The spare wheel is mounted on an ARB swing away wheel carrier.

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Darren’s Rangie addiction is contagious and his partner Michelle and daughter Emma share his love of the bush and “going nuts on the tracks”.

He’s also a member of the 4X4 Adventure Club, which means you can see Darren and his Rangie on Channel 31 and Digital 44, as they head out trips with JB in his 80 Series and the rest of gang.

Darren would like to make special mention of his cousin, Avern Hamilton from BeeKay Motors in Ringwood. Aver has been a huge help in getting the Rangie to where it is today.

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