JB’s 1996 80 Series LandCruiser Off-Roader

JB’s 1996 80 Series LandCruiser Off-Roader

  • Model LandCruiser

  • Engine Type 4.2 1HZ

  • Transmission Type 5-speed manual

  • Classification Off-Roader

JB’s son calls it the “White Tornado” and we’re guessing he’s seen his dad in action! You may recognise this 80 from the 4X4 Adventure Club on channel 31.

JB has always been a LandCruiser fan.

His first 4X4 was an ’86 BJ42 Shorty, which made it up all the tracks that JB pointed its nose towards, but didn’t survive the arrival of his first child. Much like the neighbour’s dog, it wasn’t family friendly and was replaced with the first of two 80 Series wagons, both of which JB still owns.

344641291361585999 - Mud Fun 2

JB bought this 80 in 2013 and set about turning it into a serious off-roader, not only to tackle his 2014 trip to Cape York, but also to handle the harder stuff on his regular forays into the Victorian High Country.

Mechanically the 80’s 1HZ diesel is running a DTS Turbo and Cross Country inter-cooler, with boost set at a modest 12psi.

It rolls on 35″ Simex Centipedes that have plenty of clearance thanks to a 3″ lift, courtesy of Pro-ride springs and OME (Old Man Emu) 3″ extended travel shocks.

344641291361585999 - 12108785_447962858738258_8837726960521874106_n

The front bar, side steps and rear bar with spare wheel and jerry can holder, is all custom gear and there’s a Kingone 9000P winch up front for those times when 35″ Centipedes run out of grip.

This 80 is getting a regular off-road work-out and holding up well. JB is the President and one of the founders of the 4X4 Adventure Club. It’s not your usual club, in that they have a limited number of members and their own TV show, featuring the club’s off-road adventures to numerous iconic tracks and locations.

While you might think JB is living the dream, offering an alternative to the hour long advertorials dished up by the current crop of 4X4 celebrities and their media outfits, is bloody hard work and deserves our support.

344641291361585999 - Cape York Photos 108

You can catch JB and the rest of the 4X4 Adventure Club crew on channel 31 in Melbourne, or on digital channel 44 everywhere else, with a new season due to premier shortly.

Their first season and some earlier trips can be found at the club’s Youtube channel and head over to their Facebook page to say g’day.

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