Billionaire Wants To Build New Old Defenders

Billionaire Wants To Build New Old Defenders

When the last Defender rolled off the production line earlier this year, enthusiasts thought it was all over and moved on to talking about the all-new Defender, or whatever they’ll call it, which was expected to debut this year, but definitely sometime in the next 5 years, or possibly never.

But maybe its not all over for the old warhorse?

According to The Times, a chemical industry billionaire, Jim Ratcliffe, has been meeting with the Jaguar Land Rover folk and talking over the idea of buying ‘Defender’. He might be wanting to buy the old assembly line and possibly even the name, but like the all-new Defender, no-one is sure, besides Jim.


Is it just another Defender resurrection story, similar to the one where Tata was going to move production to India and build expensive to manufacture, hand-made Defenders for the Third World? We suspect so.

But, and it’s a reasonable sized but, the Defender is more popular than ever. The way it has achieved immortality after death, is the envy of every depressed, substance abusing artist in struggle town.

Prices for the handful of remaining new and all used Defenders have sky-rocketed, and with what was a very healthy Defender tart-up industry in the UK, it’s not at all unreasonable that Jim can see a buck in Defenders.

Will Jim be given the keys to the magic kingdom?