Dale’s 2015 Ford Ranger XLS MKII Tourer

Dale’s 2015 Ford Ranger XLS MKII Tourer

  • Model Ranger XLS MK11

  • Engine Type 3.2-litre 5 cylinder

  • Transmission Type 6-Speed Auto

Dale bought a Ranger, slapped a front bar on it, bolted some cool alloys to it and called it Billybob.

The Ford Ranger is proving to be a mighty popular choice for Aussie 4X4 ute buyers and it’s successfully taken the fight to be Australia’s most popular ute right up to the HiLux.

Dale's Ford Ranger XLS MKII Tourer-002

When the time came to buy a new ute, Dale couldn’t help himself. He didn’t want some crappy little 4-cylinder turbo-diesel. He didn’t want to have to rev the ring out of his new ride. He wanted POWER and TORQUE and a few more cubes than the ‘run-of-the-mill’ utes were offering.

He wanted a Ranger!

As far as Dale is concerned the best bit about the Ranger is the strapping 3.2-litre 5-cylinder turbo-diesel that’s under the bonnet. The interesting thing about this engine is that it is a direct development of the Land Rover TD5 engine that powered Defenders and Discoverys back at the start of this century, an engine Ford got their hands on when they owned JLR for a short while.

Dale's Ford Ranger XLS MKII Tourer-003

But it’s not all about the engine. Dale also reckons the electric power steering is amazing and the seat positioning and height is spot on for a comfortable ride, an area that dual-cabs have traditionally not done well in.

Having only recently got his hands on the Ranger, Dale has managed to fit an Ironman Deluxe bull bar, X-Ray Vision spotties and some seriously cool 17″ Ballistic Scythe Millhouse alloy wheels, with BFG K02 all-terrain tyres.

Dale's Ford Ranger XLS MKII Tourer-006

The Ranger is riding 2-inches higher at the front, thanks to some Dobinson MRR front struts. Dale has also fitted an iDrive throttle controller which allows him to adjust the sensitivity of the electronic throttle. You can dial it up for highway running and wind it back when off-roading.

You probably don’t need to do a whole lot more to a Ranger, they’ll go anywhere you want straight out of the box, but we reckon Dale has more planned.

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