Dan’s 1998 Holden Rodeo Off-Roader

Dan’s 1998 Holden Rodeo Off-Roader

  • Model Rodeo

  • Engine Type 3.2 DOHC 3.2 V6

  • Transmission Type 5-Speed Manual

  • Classification Off-Roader

Dan’s ‘gone to town’ on this Rodeo. It’s a big blue works burger, dripping with a bunch of cool custom gear. A must read for Rodeo owners looking to mod their truck.

Dan’s previous 4X4 was a HiLux Surf and while it had been nicely modified, in the end it just didn’t suit his needs. According to Dan it was a bit under-cooked in the under-bonnet department and driving it with any sort of load on-board was a bit of a pain.

So he ditched the Surf and went looking for a more suitable 4X4, with his research eventually leading him to the Isuzu built Rodeo. They were priced right but more importantly, as far as Dan was concerned, they were built right.

341954190873831431 - image

The search ended with Dan making the winning bid on a lightly hail damaged, low mileage V6 manual 1998 Rodeo dual cab. It was white and just the blank canvas he was looking for.

It didn’t stay white for long.

As soon as Dan got the Rodeo home, he got to work fitting up some new, straighter panels and making his own custom fibreglass flares. He then painted the lot in his own mix of two-pack blue.

Then he got deadly serious about the mods.

341954190873831431 - image67

The front end has a 5-inch wider track than stock thanks to Jackaroo front suspension arms that have been modified to fit. A Jackaroo rear diff and axles were stuffed in the rear so the front and rear tracks were a matching pair.

The pointy end of the Rodeo rides 3 inches higher than stock, with re-indexed torsion bar keys and flipped ball joints providing the extra height. A 2-inch front diff drop was fitted to return the CVs to a more reliable working angle.

341954190873831431 - image81

The rear springs are sprung over the axle and are a hybrid of D-Max and Rodeo leaves, with one-off extended shackles that are set to provide 3.5 inches of lift.

Extended travel OME big bore shocks do their bit to allow the suspension to achieve maximum flex.

With all of that new-found suspension travel, Dan found that lifting the suspension wasn’t enough to stop the tyres fouling the inner guards at close to full articulation. He thought about it a bit and then in a spare moment threw a 3-inch body lift at the Rodeo. Problem solved.

341954190873831431 - image63

The front diff has been fitted with a Lokka auto locker and the rear LSD has been shimmed so that traction is maximised.

For rolling stock, Dan settled on some 16X8 -22 offset ROH alloys and had them wrapped in 305/70/16 BFG KM2 muddies.

341954190873831431 - image22

You can see from the photos that this Rodeo is a serious unit, but there is a lot more to this story and the mod list is required reading for anyone interested in turning a Rodeo into an off-road weapon.

It’s amazing where a bit of imagination will take you.

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