Sean’s 1995 Suzuki Sierra Off-Roader

Sean’s 1995 Suzuki Sierra Off-Roader

  • Model Sierra

  • Engine Type 1300cc

  • Transmission Type 4-speed manual

  • Classification Off-Roader

What 4X4 can look this tough on 30″ muddies?

A Zook can.

Getting the full list of mods from some 4X4 owners is a bit like pulling teeth. The pictures of nicely modded 4X4s, that have clearly had some serious coin spent on them, come through to us no worries, but the mod list reads something like “new seat-covers and a stick on curry hook”.

This is the first time that the mod list really is as short as the 4X4, but doesn’t it look fantastic?

341895600528867695 - image

The thing with Zooks is that they don’t need to be modified much to be super capable. They came from the factory ready for hard graft and are basic, tough, light and very very good at going over or around obstacles that will stop bigger and far more expensive trucks in their tracks.

Sean chose this Zook, which he calls ‘The Zook’ because he has a thing for small 4X4s. He was moving on from a Daihatsu Rocky and he wanted to keep things light and nimble. When you throw in the fact that they are super simple to work on and parts are easy to find and well priced, you can understand the attraction.

341895600528867695 - image38

Under the bonnet is a rebuilt 1300cc petrol engine fed air via a custom stainless steel snorkel. The rest of the drivetrain is stock standard.

Sean’s added a 2″ suspension lift, 15″ Sunraysia steelies and some 30″ Maxxis Bighorns. On the outside an ARB bull bar and a steel roll bar keep the panels and occupants as straight as possible.

And that’s it folks.

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