Brandon’s 2000 Holden Rodeo Off-Roader

Brandon’s 2000 Holden Rodeo Off-Roader

  • Model Rodeo

  • Engine Type 3.2-litre V6

  • Transmission Type 5-speed manual

  • Classification Off-Roader

It’s called the ‘Mighty Deo’ and it flies…literally.

When Brandon was just a wee lad he was watching a flock of sheep and couldn’t help but notice that they were all the same. They looked the same, ate the same grass and they all aimlessly followed each other around. Not one of them stood out as an individual.

Brandon didn’t want to be like that when he grew up.

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When he was finally old enough to buy his first 4X4, he left the sheep to their Toyotas and Nissans and snagged himself a Rodeo.

Brandon wanted to fly, so no smokey old diesel was going to do, he opted for the 3.2-litre petrol V6 with a 5-speed manual.

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With plenty of sting under the bonnet, Brandon concentrated on making the Rodeo more capable. He wound up the torsion bars 2-inches, lifted the body another 2-inches, fitted some Tough Dog shocks and has the whole package rolling on 33-inch BFG muddies.

The Mighty Deo now spends its time getting Brandon to work and back and hitting the tracks on weekends, off-roading, camping and getting the dirt bikes out to the bush.

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This Rodeo has proven itself with its stock drivetrain and the original CVs still taking the punishment that Brandon dishes out. That’s impressive for any flying 4X4.

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