Adam’s 2014 Nissan GU Patrol Tourer

Adam’s 2014 Nissan GU Patrol Tourer

  • Model GU Patrol

  • Engine Type ZD30

  • Transmission Type 5-speed manual

  • Classification Tourer

Since Adam bought his GU Patrol it’s been steadily morphing into a cool touring machine. Adam isn’t sure how to make it stop…

Why did you choose this particular 4X4?

I previously had a GU patrol before this one so it was kind of a ‘no brainer’ to stay with the GU patrol as I already knew what they were like and knew it was big enough for the family.

I wanted something that would be a comfortable tourer on the bigger trips, but also handle weekend getaways with the family.

The GU Patrol’s coil sprung solid axle suspension played a big part in my decision to purchase this one.

340642055719131744 - GU3

What have you built this 4X4 to do?

I have set the Patrol up as a tourer, one that can handle towing our camper trailer, so that we can get out there and see Australia, but also have a handy setup for weekend and day trips for some fun.

In order to achieve this I’ve fitted an ARB bull bar with Runva 11XP winch, Outback Armour suspension with a 2 inch lift, a Redarc dual battery system and a 45 litre Companion fridge.

I’ve also tickled up the ZD30 with a 3 inch Berklee exhaust, a Racechip Tuning Chip and throttle response controller along with the addition of boost and EGT gauges to keep an eye on it all.

340642055719131744 - GU5

Where have you taken it and what are some of your favourite tracks/destinations?

We have taken the Patrol down to the southwest of Western Australia a couple of times and done some beach driving down Margret River way along with some small river crossings and tracks through the Kari forests near Pemberton WA. We have also done a lot of beach driving up near Wedge Island, Lancelin, Jurien Bay, Green Head and Wilbinga.

340642055719131744 - GU1

Would you set it up the same again and if not, what would you change?

At the moment it is all working great and I don’t need to change anything, however I wouldn’t mind fitting airbags to the rear suspension instead of the heavy duty springs I’m currently running and need when towing the camper trailer.

340642055719131744 - GU2

What future mods do you have planned?

The list could go on forever but i would like to do the following;
– Twin Wheel Carrier
– Diff Breathers
– LED Work Lights
– LED Light Bar
– Rock Sliders and Scrub Bars

Is there anyone that you’d like to thank for their help/assistance with building your 4X4?

I have done quite a lot of the work myself but I have had help from one company in-particular. They helped sort out the over boosting and surging issues when I fitted the 3″ exhaust to the patrol and they also installed my lift kit for me. His name is Dave from Precise Suspension and Automotive in Wangara WA.

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