2014 Mitsubishi Challenger LS Owner Review

2014 Mitsubishi Challenger LS Owner Review

2014 Mitsubishi Challenger LS Review

Owner review by: Jayden

Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Challenger
Year: 2014
Spec level: LS
Engine capacity: 2.5-litre
Fuel type: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Bought: New
Owned: 1 year 4 months
Uses: Family car | Off-road | Touring and camping

PROS: Off-road ability | Reliability | Fuel economy
CONS: Power | Dealer service | Seats

Would you buy this car again? YES

Owner’s Thoughts
Awesome car from stock and very capable. It has gone anywhere that my mates go in there GQs and LandCruisers. No real flaws, although the seats get a little uncomfy on long trips and it lacks a bit of power but nothing a chip and exhaust wont fix. Other than that it is a beast and I would recommend it to anyone.

It’s very good on fuel but could do with a bigger tank as only has a 65 litre as standard. I still manage to get about 730kms from a tank.

Unfortunately there isn’t much available in the way of aftermarket mods for the Challenger, but if you do your homework you can find a lot of what you need. Standard it comes with Super Select and a rear locker.

It has easily towed a car trailer with a HiLux on the back with out trailer brakes and it had no issues.

There is more than enough room to fit camping gear, especially with a roof rack.

Over all I think it is a very robust car and I am very very happy with it.