Nick’s 2010 MN Triton Custom With 3″ Lift

Nick’s 2010 MN Triton Custom With 3″ Lift

  • Model MN Triton

  • Engine Type 2.5 4D56T

  • Transmission Type 5-speed manual

  • Classification Custom

Nick’s custom 2010 MN Triton has been built to tackle the tough tracks but still ride and handle nicely on the blacktop.

Why did you choose this particular 4X4?

The decision was an easy one in hindsight. I firmly believe that the Triton is the best 4X4 ute on the market for the money.

340110806681782728 - 20160312_162633

What have you built this 4X4 to do?

My ultimate goal has been to build up a good all-rounder. I need my 4X4 to be able to handle all types of terrain, from cruising on the highway, to long range touring as well as hardcore off-roading.

To achieve this I’ve concentrated on suspension mods that provide a good compromise between on-road handling and off-road ability. I’ve increased the 4d56T’s performance with some nice power upgrades and I’m currently in the process of improving things further with a compound turbo set-up.

340110806681782728 - IMG_1296

Long range touring is a breeze as I’ve significantly increased the fuel carrying capacity of the Triton. The hardcore tracks are doable as it’s running a 3″ suspension lift with custom UCAs and a diff drop kit up front, as well as 3.15 reduction gearing.

Where have you taken it and what are some of your favourite tracks/destinations?

The Triton has seen a lot of Victoria, from the High Country through to some of the toughest tracks that the State Forests have to offer.

My favourite track is Walking Track in the Toolangi State Forest.

340110806681782728 - IMG_1298

Would you set it up the same again and if not, what would you change?

As things stand, I would set it all up the same again, I just wish I’d started the process sooner.

340110806681782728 - IMG_1295-CROP

What future mods do you have planned?

At this stage my focus is on a compound turbo arrangement, which uses two turbos to reduce lag and improve efficiency and driveability. It’s a project that I have underway right now.

340110806681782728 - IMG_1297

Is there anyone that you’d like to thank for their help/assistance with building your 4X4?

No, but it’s because the work done on my Triton is mostly custom and involved plenty of development work. It’s ‘one-off’ stuff, from the custom upper control arms to the diff drop kit required to make the 3″ lifted suspension play nicely.

I haven’t had the luxury of driving it into a workshop to have off the shelf products bolted on.

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