Nissan Axes Y61 Diesel Patrol: Stock To Sell Out In 2016

Nissan Axes Y61 Diesel Patrol: Stock To Sell Out In 2016

Nissan Australia has announced the end of the line for the venerable Y61 Patrol, with the plan being to let current stock sell down over the balance of the year.

Nissan’s decision affects both the Y61 Patrol wagon and the UY61 Patrol ute, both powered by the infamous ZD30 3.0 diesel.

The Patrol will be the second solid axle 4X4 to disappear from showrooms this year, with Land Rover’s Defender ceasing production in its current form in January.

The Y61 Patrol is now close to two decades old and is one of a handful of vehicles currently on the market that can endure a high duty cycle of outback and off-road use. Anyone thinking that anything in the current crop of light duty 4X4 utes or SUVs is comparable is wrong.

The decision to drop the Y61 has been on the cards for a while now. The relatively old ZD30 is not Euro 5 compliant and recent (massive) price cuts on the all petrol V8 Y62 Patrol range have resulted in demand exceeding supply.

Nissan Australia has confirmed that complete after-sales service and technical support for the Y61 Patrol will continue to be available from their Australian authorised dealer network.