Land Rover Classic Launches Reborn Initiative With Series 1

Land Rover Classic Launches Reborn Initiative With Series 1

Land Rover Classic has confirmed the launch of it’s ‘Reborn Program’ which will see 25 hand-picked Series 1 Land Rovers restored to factory original condition.

Mint Series 1 Landys are pulling serious money, and you don’t need much of an imagination to work out that a Series 1 restored by Land Rover, will be worth a bomb and no-doubt be a sought after investment.

Land Rover Classic’s team is in the process of sourcing 25 suitable Series 1 chassis from around the world, each of which will be restored to original 1948 factory specification. Five original colours will be available to choose from, including Bronze Green, Light Green, Dove Grey, Poppy Red and RAF Blue.


The restorations will be undertaken using Land Rover Classic parts.

“Customers will be able to select their preferred base vehicle with the help and guidance of Land Rover Classic’s experienced restoration team, and they will be able to follow the restoration of their cherished Series I from start to finish at Land Rover’s new Classic workshop located within the original Defender production centre at Solihull,” Land Rover said.

What will a reborn Series 1 cost? Land Rover hasn’t provided that information, but we think the price will be well north of 50,000 pounds sterling.


Tim Hannig, Director, Jaguar Land Rover Classic, said: “The launch of the Reborn initiative represents a fantastic opportunity for customers to own a valuable and collectable automotive icon. Reborn showcases Land Rover Classic’s expertise in restoring and maintaining our loyal customers’ prized Land Rovers. It also demonstrates the business’ commitment to supporting customers with original and genuine parts for Land Rover models that have been out for production for longer than 10 years.”

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