Mercedes-Benz Celebrates 35 Years Of G-Class

Mercedes-Benz Celebrates 35 Years Of G-Class

Mercedes-Benz is celebrating the 35th Birthday of its tough as nails G-Class off-roader with a special edition variant.

We know what you’re thinking about now…  You’re imagining a G-Wagen with a 2-inch lift, maybe some barwork to protect those expensive panels from rocks and ruts and a serious set of muddies. Perhaps even one of those army spec bonnets that you could stand on to load the special edition roof rack.


Gives you half a mongrel just thinking about it.

But sadly no…

Mercedes-Benz is calling it the ‘Edition 35’ and in true G-Wagen style it costs a bomb. Pricing starts at €101,030 (AU$146,040) for the G 350 BlueTEC, and €112,812 (AU$163,071) for the G 500 V8 and you guessed it, there isn’t a useful mod in sight.


Plenty of bling though and even a splattering of AMG gear, enough to ensure that these will be European Snow Bunnies only.

There are three exterior colour choices including Designo Mystic White, Obsidian Black or Palladium Silver.


To contrast with the exterior paint colour of choice, the front and rear bumpers, roof, exterior mirrors and 18-inch alloy wheels are all finished in gloss black.

Inside there’s a two-tone Designo Porcelain and black leather option, or Designo Black with red contrasting stitching.


There’s also a leather trimmed dash, chrome accents and an AMG steering wheel.

AMG features can also be found on the exterior, including a chrome-trimmed grille and spare wheel cover, flared wheel arches and a sports exhaust on the G 500 model.

Local availability of the Edition 35 is yet to be confirmed.


Before your eyes gloss over completely, there is some far more interesting news surrounding the 35 year anniversary of the G-Class. Mercedes-Benz has added a 1988 G-Class to it’s museum. Sans glossy paint and AMG bits, it is the real deal with 850,000km on the odometer and 215 countries under it’s chassis.