Shaun’s 2012 Toyota Hilux Custom Tourer

Shaun’s 2012 Toyota Hilux Custom Tourer

  • Model HiLux

  • Engine Type KUN26

  • Transmission Type Automatic

  • Classification Tourer

Shaun’s 2012 HiLux Dual Cab custom – built for touring and escaping to the bush.

Why did you choose this particular 4X4?

I spent a fair bit of time researching the new dual cabs and the HiLux seemed like the most reliable and capable choice within my budget.


What have you built this 4X4 to do?

My HiLux has been built mainly for touring. After my motorbike accident I could no longer ride my dirtbike to get out into the bush.

Building my HiLux has made it possible for me to continue to get out and go fishing and camping.


Where have you taken it and what are some of your favourite tracks/destinations?

Last year I went on a four week Cape trip and drove as many tracks as I could squeeze the HiLux down, and a few it couldn’t.

I’ve also been to Manar Park 4X4 park and Jakems Farm 4X4 park. When I was living in Townsville I got out as often as possible and drove most of the local tracks. Since moving to Dalby I’ve been out to the Glasshouse Mountains once and I am keen to head out that way again.

My favourite tracks are pretty much anything north of Weipa.


Would you set it up the same again and if not, what would you change?

I would do most of it the same, however I would probably make a few changes to my tray as there is a bit of wasted space behind the canopy.

I would also do my pull out draw differently as the slides didn’t survive the dust on the Cape trip.


What future mods do you have planned?

Next on the list is fitting up a front-mount intercooler (should happen next week) and installing a solar panel on the canopy roof.


Is there anyone that you’d like to thank for their help/assistance with building your 4X4?

I’d definately have to thank the missus for putting up with the swearing, metal swarf and excessive spending.

I’d also like to thank Rhys from CRD Tuning North Queensland for all his help, Matty from Monster Rides for supplying heaps of gear and my mates for coming round and helping drink my beer and lift heavy things!

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