2015 Toyota Hilux SR Review

2015 Toyota Hilux SR Review

2015 Toyota Hilux SR Review

Owner review by: Jordan

Make: Toyota
Model: Hilux
Year: 2015
Spec level: SR
Engine capacity: 3-litre
Fuel type: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Bought: New
Owned: 5 Months
Uses: For work | Off-road | Touring and camping

PROS: Off-road ability | Quality | Reliability
CONS: Towing ability | Turning circle | Road noise

Would you buy this car again? YES

Owner’s Thoughts

I have a single cab (SR) Hilux 4×4, I drive the car on a daily basis to and from work plus it is currently being built up for a Simpson desert trip later this year. In stock form the car performs amazingly well on and off-road. Although on-road it is rather noisy and has the usual ‘bumpy ride’ for a tray back ute. Off-road it is surprising capable compared to other 4x4s and the independent front end was not a massive disadvantage. In my personal opinion I noticed in stock configuration the rear suspension lacks travel and articulation compared to other 4×4 utes on the market.

The “D4D” engine is a great motor, the best of both worlds. Enough power on-road for overtaking and enough power for steep assents off-road in H4. At the same time offering awesome results in fuel economy. I found it dosnt matter if you drive hard or just cruise along you generally average 13lts per 100kms.
A major downside is not having an aux/sub tank leaving little or no options for a 2nd tank. Comfort as a daily to a tourer is untouchable, feels like a sedan rather the a single can ute.

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