2009 Toyota HiLux SR5 Review

2009 Toyota HiLux SR5 Review

2009 HiLux SR5 Review

Owner review by: Nick

Make: Toyota
Model: HiLux
Year: 2009
Spec level: SR5
Engine capacity: 3.0-litre
Fuel type: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Bought: Used
Owned: 1 Year
Uses: For work | Off-road | Touring and camping | Towing | Sports & Outdoors

PROS: Toughness| Off-road ability | Reliability
CONS: Dealer service | Seats | Road noise

Would you buy this car again? YES

Owner’s Thoughts

This hilux is the best car so far.

The amount of money and time thrown at it has it now ready to explore Australia. Living in Perth, the HiLux has done many 4wd trips up north as well as down south.

As the hilux loves getting dirty, it never comes out second best and is always the car I rely on to get the job done. It handles and drives beautifully not only off road but on road also.

The space available for carrying gear is fantastic and you can fit 5 averaged sized men in the vehicle, day in day out.


If I was to make the choice again on buying another car, I’d buy another HiLux.

Every second weekend I’ll try and go out for a play. If the weather is nice, I’ll head along the coast or go camping in the bush with friends and family, not matter what, the hilux has always got me covered.

The fuel economy is more then fine and towing is just a breeze, especially towing a trailer off road.

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