2014 Toyota Prado GXL Review

2014 Toyota Prado GXL Review

2014 Toyota Prado GXL Review

Owner review by: Khemraj

Make: Toyota
Model: Prado 150
Year: 2014
Spec level: GXL
Engine capacity: 3-litre
Fuel type: Diesel
Transmission: Auto
Bought: New
Owned: 15 Months
Uses: Family car | Off-road | Touring & Camping

PROS: Toughness | Off-road ability | Practicality
CONS: Cargo space | Dealer service | Gear change

Would you buy this car again? YES

Owner’s Thoughts

Where do I start? Alright first trip, when it was 3 months old the kids and I went to Stockton beach. It was my first off-road experience and it was awesome. The next time we went to Mention NSW and the thing surprised me.

I mean for what it could do standard was amazing. After I spent some coin on accessories, I went to lost city and I fell in love with 4wding. My last trip was to Morton Island and boy, I didn’t want to come back, the driving there was just spectacular.

The prado is amazing on fuel economy. Fully loaded with 5 passengers I’m getting 11.5/100, I’m happy with it. I’m hoping to keep it forever and put some serious off road kms on it. For me to do that I’m planning to get a long range tank. Rear bar some air bags and some good seat covers.