All New Mitsubishi Pajero By 2020?

All New Mitsubishi Pajero By 2020?

Is the Pajero being killed off, or is there an all-new Pajero on the distant horizon?

That appears to be a question for which Mitsubishi has more than one answer.

Earlier this year, Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko confirmed that the current Pajero would not be replaced.

This week, in an interview with Auto Express, Mitsubishi’s UK Managing Director Lance Bradley, has outlined the brands SUV based future and it includes a new Pajero.

Bradley talked about Mitsubishi’s plan to concentrate solely on a range of SUV vehicles using conventional, hybrid and electric drivetrains, in a similar vein to Land Rover and it’s SUV range, but not quite to it’s level.

He confirmed that ‘the plan’ was to launch a new SUV each year for the next five years, with Pajero being the last cab off the rank, given it’s historically lower sales volumes when compared to it’s smaller siblings.

According to Bradley, “A vehicle reaches an age and doesn’t get any older and Shogun (Pajero) is kind of there”. It’ll be appearing in 2020 or 2021 as Mitsubishi concentrates on the sectors with the most volume potential.”

So what will happen in the meantime? The current Pajero sits on a platform that was first seen 16 years ago and despite being a bit geriatric, is still selling reasonably well, with the help of some sharp pricing and regular upgrades.

Will Mitsubishi kill the current Pajero off well before 2020/21? Is it working on an all-new Pajero replacement? Will the replacement be hybrid or even all-electric?

Buggered if we know. We aren’t even sure Mitsubishi knows, but it would be ‘right’ to see the Pajero push on into the future.