2009 Mitsubishi ML Triton V6 Petrol Review

2009 Mitsubishi ML Triton V6 Petrol Review

2009 ML Triton Review

Owner review by: Craig

Make: Mitsubishi
Model: ML Triton
Year: 2009
Spec level: GLX-R
Engine capacity: 3.8-litre
Fuel type: Petrol
Transmission: Manual
Bought: New
Owned: 6 years 9 months
Uses: Family car | Touring & camping | For Work | Sports & Outdoors

PROS: Power | Toughness | The engine
CONS: Seats | Cargo space | Arm rests

Would you buy this car again? YES

Owner’s Thoughts

Great 4X4 after a couple of modifications;
– Front Diff Lock
– 50mm Raised Suspension

Unfortunately the LPG system fitted when new caused the exhaust valves to burn out. After a lot of research and quotes it was cheaper to buy a second hand 380 sedan engine with the factory LPG heads and rebuild the whole engine than what it was to fit hardened valve seats and valves to the original heads.

The benefit is the increased power from the extra 0.3 litres !

Drivetrain seems bulletproof, same gear as Pajero.

_DSC5142 reduced

The petrol is a bit more thirsty than the diesel although listening to diesel owners it is not much different.

Service costs are minimal, mostly oil changes with the major service coming every 100,000 K’s.

Good all round vehicle for camping, touring, towing a van or camper.

The seats could be better, get a bit of a sore bum after ten hours behind the wheel !

A tray would solve the storage room problem, but with smart packing we can fit everything in for a weekend camping for two adults and two kids.

Overall a great vehicle, I love it ūüôā