Ford Ranger Outsells Toyota HiLux In January

Ford Ranger Outsells Toyota HiLux In January

The king is dead, long live the king!

Well not quite. It might be somewhat premature to suggest the mighty HiLux is down and out, it’s not, but it was outsold by the Ford Ranger in January.

It’s happened before of course with the Ranger outselling the Hilux in September and October last year, but that was back when an all-new HiLux was about to be introduced and wasn’t a surprise.


January’s figures are far more significant as they are the result of all-new HiLux versus recently refreshed Ranger and we suspect the HiLux wasn’t cobbled with supply issues, as it was the significant upswing in Ranger sales that tipped the balance.

Total Ranger sales were up a whopping 35.5 percent in January (compared with the same time last year) with a total of 2,418 units being sold, of which 1,978 were 4X4s. In comparison, sales of the HiLux were up 0.4 percent for the same period, with a total of 2,341 sales of which 1,665 were 4X4s.

HiLux - Down but not out
HiLux – Down but not out

That’s a comprehensive 4X4s sales smack-down and it helped make the Ranger the third best selling vehicle in Australia over January.

Ford has been focusing heavily on attracting the private retail buyer to it’s Ranger range, a plan that seems to be paying dividends in the midst of a mining downturn. The HiLux on the other hand has always been the darling of the mine fleets.

It looks like we could have a serious ‘Ute Off’ on our hands this year.