Pajero Killed In Mitsubishi Ambush

Pajero Killed In Mitsubishi Ambush

Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko recently confessed to Automotive News that the current Pajero will not be replaced, a fact that probably surprised three people in the automotive world. Mitsubishi has been busy doing not a lot with Pajero, for quite a while now.

Masuko cited fuel consumption and emissions issues as the reasons for killing off the Pajero, but we suspect it has more to do with the cost of developing an all new one.

Big, fat and not the last word in fuel efficient, the LandCruiser sells well at a significant price premium to the Pajero

Perhaps Toyota has Mitsubishi rattled? It seems to be able to build even larger 4X4s, update them on a regular basis and sell them in Australia without too many issues.

As do Nissan, Jeep, Ford and Land Rover.

Mitsubishi has previously confirmed the termination of their hero car, the Lancer EVO, and now has its sights firmly set on a smaller range of plug-in hybrid SUVs built primarily with the US market in mind.

Yes, we are struggling to contain our enthusiasm.


The sweeping of the decks at Mitsubishi seems to be aimed at removing the cost burden associated with developing new lower volume models and instead, investing in a smaller range of high volume sellers for the world’s largest markets.

The current Pajero will remain on sale indefinitely, no doubt with increasing levels of kit and steadily reducing prices to keep the sales bubbling along. It really is a great vehicle that offers a strong and reliable drivetrain, a solid, safe platform and reasonable accommodation for a family. It’s just a bit behind the eight-ball for the ‘gotta have the latest’ crowd.


If you’ve gotta have the latest, then the all-new Pajero Sport could be the answer. It’s not a Pajero and it’s definitely not a sport. It reminds us more of the Challenger to be honest…hang on.

Sad news for the many Pajero fans out there.