2015’s Top 10 Best Selling 4X4s

2015’s Top 10 Best Selling 4X4s

2015 was another big year for new car sales in Australia with a record 1.15 million of them finding new homes. A fair swag of those were 4X4s as the popularity of the go-anywhere machines, particularly the dual-cab utes, continues to gain momentum.

So which makes and models made it into the top 10? Read on for the rundown.

1. Toyota Hilux – 25,939 sales


No real surprises here and a sterling effort given the fact that an all-new Hilux stormed onto the market late in the year. Buyers it seems weren’t sitting back waiting, they bought the old one and are continuing to buy the new one.

2. Ford Ranger – 23,436 sales


The Ford Ranger is the ute to watch in our opinion. It’s the only one that can take the challenge to the Hilux and it’s now enjoying the fruits of a 2015 update. It packs the biggest engine in it’s class, and is gaining a reputation for being comfortable, fun to drive and tough. Look out Hilux!

3. Mitsubishi Triton – 20,795 sales


Mitsubishi moved from the troubled MN to the all new MQ in the first quarter of 2015. The MNs were being sold off with big discounts and it would be interesting to know just how many run-out MNs make up the 2015 sales figure. We’re guessing a lot.

In the meantime, the more refined MQ continues the Triton tradition of offering very solid value for money.

4. Holden Colorado – 15,963 sales


Holden’s Colorado increased sales by 802 units when compared to the previous year and took fourth spot, with a bullet.

5. Toyota Prado – 15,255 sales


The second and not the last Toyota in the list, the Prado came in at number 5. A 2015 update included the addition of the same 2.8 litre diesel that powers the new Hilux and Fortuna.

6. Nissan Navara – 12,272 sales


The Navara suffered a significant 2500 unit decrease in sales,yet still managed to sneak into 6th position. The NP300 Navara is a smart looking unit and the first of the dual-cab utes to feature a coil sprung rear end. Is it too far ahead of it’s time or will 2016 be the Navara’s year?

7. Jeep Grand Cherokee – 11,964 sales


It’s seems like there is a Jeep Grand Cherokee in every second driveway at the moment. On paper it challenges the class leading Land Rover Discovery 4 but costs tens of thousands less. It’s perfect for towing, comes packed with the latest features and it’s a Jeep. Who wouldn’t want one!?

8. Isuzu D-Max – 11,301 sales


With a reputation for toughness, the D-Max attracted 1000 more buyers than in the previous year and comfortably locked in position 8.

9. Mazda BT-50 – 8,680 sales


If looks could kill and it seems they can. Built on the same platform and using the same running gear as the Ranger, the BT-50 managed a top 10 finish, but for every three Rangers sold only one BT-50 found a new owner.

10. Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series – 8,251 sales


The big bruiser rolled into the 10th position. An update in late 2015 should see it maintain it’s position throughout 2016.