Land Cruiser Mountain Park Closing To Be Reborn As “Private Mountain Estate”

Land Cruiser Mountain Park Closing To Be Reborn As “Private Mountain Estate”

UPDATE 24/08/16 – Click link for details > Landcruiser Park to re-open to the public

Most 4X4 enthusiasts will know of Land Cruiser Mountain Park. For many years it has been a playground for Queensland based 4X4 owners and others passing through the state.

For those that don’t know, LCMP is a 10,000 acre privately held Wilderness area that has offered paid camping and off-road driving to anyone looking to get away from it all for a while. It’s located around 2 hours from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast at the head waters of the Brisbane River and is the home of 200 kilometres of 2WD and of course 4WD tracks.

In what may come as a surprise to LCMP users, the current owners Alben and Helen Perrett have just announced that they have sold Land Cruiser Mountain Park. A further surprise will be that the new owners will not be continuing to allow access to their property for the general public.

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What they will be offering is the opportunity for people to buy a small parcel of land (known as a Croft) for their personal use. Ownership of a Croft entitles the owner to access what appears to be the vast majority of the current LCMP estate and Crofters (owners of Crofts) can come and go as they please and use their Croft, with some restrictions of course, whenever they choose.

Crofts are available for a period of 15 years or in perpetuity (a perpetual croft) and you can buy more than one if you choose.

There are three sizes of croft, each available at a different price and each allowed a maximum number of vehicles on the croft;

Croft size 1 = 196m2 – one vehicle permitted – $4,268.29 for perpetual licence

Croft size 2 = 434m2 – two vehicles permitted – $7,926.83 for perpetual licence

Croft size 3 = 961m2 – three vehicles permitted – $13,414.63 for perpetual licence

A Croft can be sold, or passed down through a family and is in some ways not a lot different to owning a freehold block of land. The full details are available at or if you want to know more about the history of Scottish Crofting then check this link out crofting

The good news for future crofters is that the 4X4 tracks will remain open and they’ll have exclusive use of them.

In the meantime, 4X4 enthusiasts have until the 7th of March to make the most of LCMP before it closes it’s gates to the public forever, prior to re-opening on the 23rd of April as Crofters Estate.

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One way to say farewell is to join the upcoming Australia’s Biggest Tagalong with Roothy. The bearded one will be at LCMP from the 12th to the 14th of February. You can book online at or call the park on 0754 973 164 for more information.