Land Rover Celebrates End Of An Icon – Video

Land Rover Celebrates End Of An Icon – Video


While the Land Rover bean counters won’t miss the largely hand assembled Defender, it’s legion of fans around the world are already wearing black turtle neck pullovers and sipping sadly on their lattes in anticipation of the end.

With Defender production due to cease in Solihull UK in the early months of 2016, Land Rover is making the most of the marketing opportunity available as they celebrate Defender with a London Black Cab parody video (below) and by auctioning off what is said to be the 2 millionth Defender.


While some publications are claiming the Defender has enjoyed a 67 year production run, the reality is that the first Defender went on sale in 1991, when it replaced the mostly but not quite identical 110 and 90 Land Rovers. Prior to the 110 and 90 were the Series vehicles which while somewhat similar in appearance are really altogether very different beasts.

Some creative accounting to create the 2 millionth Defender? We think so.


It is undoubtedly the last of it’s kind and the end of the era when motoring was fun because the vehicle was simple.

The 2 millionth Defender is being offered for auction and features a range of unique touches including a ‘No. 2,000,000’ badge on the tailgate and console, and S90 HUE number plates, referencing the HUE 166 rego worn by the first pre-production Land rover, the Solihull production facility and the Defender 90 they are attached to.


There’s also a map of Red Wharf Bay – the site where the first Land Rover designs were drawn in the sand – engraved into the front guard, as well as on the leather seats, plus an aluminium plaque with the signatures of everyone who helped assemble the vehicle.

No doubt it will sell for a motza.

The Video

The ‘Black Cab’ Defender 90 gets it’s fair share of looks as it pounds London’s streets. It’s joined by a few other ‘special’ Land Rovers that make guest appearances, including a Paul Smith Defender, a Series II ice cream van, a 6×6 delivery ute, and the first ever show car from 1948. Looks like a red NAS spec Defender 90 as well.