Selwyn’s 2008 ML Triton

Selwyn’s 2008 ML Triton

  • Model Triton

  • Engine Type 4M41

  • Transmission Type 4 Speed Auto

  • Classification Tourer

How do you use your 4X4?

Selwyn reckons that his Triton is best described as being a bit of a jack of all trades. It’s a daily driver, a tourer that on some trips tows his two-tonne semi-off-road van and on occasions gets some hardcore 4×4 use on weekends.


It’s no surprise then that this Triton has had some serious thought go into it’s build. The list of carefully chosen mods is extensive and perfectly suited to the varying roles undertaken by this particular truck.

What have you done to your 4X4?

There is not a lot left on my ute that is standard

The first thing to go on most Tritons is the suspension and Selwyn had the sub-par factory gear swapped out for a custom suspension system supplied by Ultimate Suspension.


With towing big on the agenda, the diffs have been changed from 4.1 to 4.6 centres and a switchable lock-up torque converter has been added to keep the 4-speed auto cooler as well as reducing fuel consumption.

The Triton’s standard rear drum brakes have been turfed and replaced with a set of discs which means regular adjustments and lining changes are now a thing of the past. Braking performance has improved noticeably.


Selwyn is happy to show this Triton a tough track or two and with this in mind he’s fitted under-body protection plates. To aid traction a Chinese ARB copy air-locker is fitted to the front diff while the rear diff came factory fitted with a switchable locker.

ARB supplied the colour-coded front and rear barwork while a set of custom sliders from AVA protect the sills.


Selwyn sticks with 32″ MTR tyres for general duties but changes over to a set of 34″ Simex muddies on alloy rims on those ‘special’ weekends.

The 4M41 3.2 turbo-diesel is mostly standard but benefits from the addition of a Chipit performance chip supplied by SPV Industries.


Outside there is a colour coded ARB canopy and Ralliart factory headlight upgrade with angel eye inserts, while the interior has been improved with an electric factory leather seat upgrade and an off-road double din GPS system.

What’s next for your 4X4?

In the not too distant future Selwyn is looking to add a long range fuel tank, a tray mounted storage pod and he’s giving some consideration to fitting an Ostrich awning.

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