Ford Everest Titanium Gets 18-inch Wheel And Tyre Option

Ford Everest Titanium Gets 18-inch Wheel And Tyre Option

Ford has confirmed that Australian customers can now order a Ford Everest Titanium with a choice of wheels and tyres, that it says will allow them to take “full advantage of the top-spec Everest’s awarded off-road capability”.

The Everest Titanium has previously only been available with 20-inch alloy wheels and tyres, but Ford is now offering buyers the choice between the fancy 20-inch kit or an 18-inch alloy and tyre package. It’s a no-cost option, with the 18-inch wheel/tyre package including suspension changes and Driver Assistance Technology re-calibrations.

“The changes to the suspension include springs, dampers and control arms. In addition, the ESC – and its network of functions with the Terrain Management System – are recalibrated to suit the changes. It’s not a Titanium with different size wheels/tyres: we’ve set up the vehicle thoroughly for optimum performance”, said Damion Smy, Product Communications Manager at Ford Australia

Ford is claiming that the 18-inch wheel and tyre package offers increased tyre sidewall height and that it is more suited to tackling harsh terrain.

“The Everest has been awarded for its off-road capability, and many of our customers have and do take full advantage of this,” said Ford Australia President and CEO, Graeme Whickman. “We’ve responded to this call, and we’re pleased to offer greater choice for Everest customers.”

Ford has confirmed that the tyre fitted is a Bridgestone Dueler H/T (Highway Terrain) tyre. Being off-roaders, we all know that while 18-inch tyres are preferable to 20-inch tyres for off-road use, they are far from ideal, particularly if they are a lighter weight Highway Terrain spec tyre, rather than an All-Terrain of light truck construction.

The option of an 18-inch wheel and tyre package on the Titanium, is definitely a step in the right direction, but 17-inch alloys, like the ones fitted to the lower spec Everest Ambiente would be better. If you were serious about taking your Titanium off-road, then this is the maximum wheel size you’d want to be running, preferably fitted with some tyres built to deal with off-road conditions.